Residents get a big kick out of watching Riverview Manor ‘waterfall’

Unique experiences people don’t get to see very often can cause a lot of excitement, and this was the case July 19 when MCC Fire Equipment flushed out the fire hose connections at the front door.

The result was two gigantic sprays of water that cut through the hot summer day and soaked the top end of the home’s parking lot.

Residents loved the sight, says Riverview Manor environmental services manager Crystal Post.

“It was very exciting for our residents and staff to view this ‘waterfall’ coming from the building,” she tells The OMNIway.

“One of our PSWs (personal support workers) had taken a resident out for a walk prior to the flush starting, so they sat and enjoyed the view (see photo).”

MCC Fire Equipment was at Riverview Manor that day along with Peterborough Fire Services.

Each year, Ontario long-term care homes are required to participate in an observed fire drill with their local fire department, which is why Peterborough Fire Services was at the home that day. MCC Fire Equipment’s job was to flush the hose extensions.

The drill is completed with minimal staffing to replicate a night shift and must be completed with a full zone evacuation and in the time allotted as if it were a real fire emergency.

That same day, a fire safety inspection of the home’s interior and exterior was conducted by Peterborough Fire Services personnel.

“It is always important to ensure our fire safety equipment is in top shape at all times,” Crystal says.

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