Resident gets her wish to have PSW’s Jeep ‘parked’ beside her bed

Sherry Danilko commended by Frost Manor’s administrator for coming up with innovative idea

A Frost Manor personal support worker (PSW) is being commended for thinking outside the box and coming up with an idea to brighten the day of one of the Lindsay long-term care home’s residents.

Administrator Connie Abrams says Sherry Danilko came up with an “extra special” idea to accommodate a request from resident Dorothy Burrows, who has a fondness for Sherry’s Jeep.

Sherry and Dorothy had become good friends while Sherry was working day shifts at Frost Manor. However, they saw less of each other after Sherry switched to working the night shift.

Dorothy always liked looking at Sherry’s Jeep, so the resident jokingly made a request to have Sherry park her vehicle next to her bed.

Since Sherry could not “plow through the window” and park next to Dorothy’s bed, she instead took a photo of her Jeep and gave Dorothy the picture to keep in her room.

Dorothy had quite the reaction to this gesture, Sherry says.

“She gave me the biggest hug and said she missed me,” the PSW says. “I left that room with a tear in my eye and a crackle in my voice. …

“Dorothy now has a picture of my Jeep beside her bed, so she can smile when I’m not there,” Sherry says. “This is just one story of many I have decided to share.”

Sherry underscores the big difference people working in long-term care homes can make with the smallest of gestures – and she encourages others to always try new things to put a smile on someone’s face.

“Make a difference; make someone happy,” she says. “The greatest gift is a smile and a kind word.”

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