Proposed Riverview Manor design gets thumbs up from new neighbours, family members

Bird’s eye view of proposed development for the new Riverview Manor by G architects.

About 20 people attend public meeting to learn about redevelopment plan

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – OMNI Health Care and G architects hosted a public meeting Jan. 15 in Peterborough to share the proposed redevelopment plans for the new Riverview Manor which is slated to be built by December 2022.

Community members and people connected to Riverview Manor attended a Jan. 15 meeting in Peterborough to discuss the proposed design for the new home which is slated to open in the city’s north end by December 2022.

About 20 people turned up at the Five Counties Children’s Centre in Peterborough’s north end, near the site on Langton St. where the new home will be built, for the early-evening presentation on the proposed design of the 160-bed, three-storey home and what it will mean to the community.

After the presentation, attendees were encouraged to give feedback and ask architect Matt Galvin questions about the design. The commentary was positive and supportive of the new design from both community residents and the family members of Riverview Manor residents attending.

Darlene McGuinness lives on Langton St., near the building site, which is currently a vacant plot of land. She says the new Riverview Manor’s state-of-the-art design will help beautify the neighbourhood.

“I am quite happy to have something like this there; the (vacant lot) has been an eyesore, so it will be nice to see something like this, for sure,” she says.

The new Riverview Manor will have 36 more beds than the current 124-bed home houses. There will also be wider hallways, more home-like dining and lounge spaces, and privacy for residents will be improved by having only one- and two-bed rooms.

The redeveloped Riverview Manor will also surround a spacious courtyard, complete with a walking loop paved with an “elder-friendly surface,” patio seating and a sandbox for visiting children to enjoy.

Lois Smith, the president of the Riverview Manor family council, says she’s looking forward to the new home being built.

“I think (the design) is fantastic; this has been a long time coming,” she says, adding a note about her favourite part of the design. “I really love the centre courtyard. … I think everyone is going to like it.”

Construction on the new Riverview Manor is scheduled to begin in the fall.

Take a virtual tour:

Click here to explore the proposed courtyard.
Click here to explore the entrance view with canopy.
Click here to virtually approach the entrance.

Click here to watch the video of the presentation.

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