Preventative measures, education keeping infection rate low at Springdale


Infection rate well below ministry benchmark

Stepping up preventative measures and resident education are some of the factors being attributed to Springdale Country Manor’s low rate of resident infections.

Latest data reports that the rate of residents with one of more infections is 3.17 per cent at the Peterborough County long-term care home. The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s benchmark in this area is 10.9 per cent.

Infections include those that are respiratory and enteric, as well as urinary tract infections and “hospital-acquired infections,” such as methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and C. difficile.

Administrator Maureen King says the home’s environmental services and life enrichment departments have played a key part in this success by paying extra attention to making sure high-risk areas of infection transfer, such as handrails, are sanitized frequently.

“We also stress that staff members should stay at home if they are sick or if they have any kind of infection. That has definitely helped,” King says.

Springdale Country Manor had six outbreaks in 2013 — higher than normal — but focus on infection control has kept that number to two in 2014, King notes.

“The difference is heightened awareness in cleaning practices and we’ve also increased focus on residents who are showing any symptoms of infection — whether we’re in outbreak or not,” the administrator says.

The home has also encouraged resident education about the importance of keeping their hands clean with alcohol-based sanitizers, King says.

“We have a good number of residents who are always using (the sanitizers),” she says.

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