Pleasant Meadow residents enjoy a virtual trip to Canadian Canoe Museum

Engaging tour taught residents about canoes, and they had lots of questions

Pleasant Meadow Manor residents were recently treated to a free, virtual tour of the Canadian Canoe Museum that was educational and piqued a lot of interest.

While the museum is currently closed due to restrictions in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, residents were able to enjoy a thorough tour of the museum via the smart TV at the Norwood, Ont. long-term care home on June 22.

Located in Peterborough, the Canadian Canoe Museum showcases more than 100 canoes and kayaks. The unique museum is dedicated to educating people about the role of the canoe in Canadian history.

During the virtual tour, museum staff explained the different types of canoes on display. Residents learned about the history of the canoe and how they are made, says Pleasant Meadow Manor life enrichment co-ordinator Kim Williams.

Everyone had lots of questions following the presentation, she adds.

“The residents enjoyed the tour and found it very interesting learning about the different types and ways that canoes were made,” Kim tells The OMNIway.

“They had a lot of pertinent questions that the staff were more than happy to answer, and it showed that they really were engaged during the whole tour.”

Residents enjoyed the free tour thanks to a grant that has been provided to the museum by the United Way of Peterborough and the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 Emergency Community Support Fund.

The museum is offering free virtual tours to long-term care and retirement homes throughout Peterborough County. Click here for more information.

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