Pleasant Meadow Manor presents Lifetime Achievement Award to two outstanding residents

Pleasant Meadow Manor resident Joan Warburton (middle) is pictured here with her Lifetime Achievement Award, alongside OMNI chief operating officer Shawn Riel (left) and Pleasant Meadow administrator and director of care Sandra Tucker.

Ben Ibey and Joan Warburton have a long history of helping others

The Pleasant Meadow Manor team presented two residents, Ben Ibey and Joan Warburton, with OMNI Health Care’s 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award during a December ceremony at the Norwood long-term care home.

Both residents have committed themselves throughout their lives to helping others.

Ben has worked and lived in the Campbellford-Norwood area his whole life. He was a department manager at a local, family-owned grocery store for many years. Since moving to Pleasant Meadow Manor, Ben has served as president of the residents’ council, a post he held for three years, and as vice-president for the past year.

He has also supported the Canadian Cancer Society through the annual Movember fundraiser and awareness campaign focused on men’s health issues.

“We would like to congratulate Ben Ibey for his contributions to his community as well as our home,” said Pleasant Meadow Manor life enrichment co-ordinator Chris Garden as the award was presented to Ben.

Joan, Chris said, was nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award by staff members because she “worked at one of the hardest jobs on the planet for most of her life.”

Aside from raising her own children while running a farm, Joan was a foster mother for more than 30 years. She and her husband helped raise about 15 children, and the couple continues to stay in contact with them, Chris noted.

“(Joan and her husband) refer to them as their own (children), and (they) now have oodles of grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well,” Chris said.

Lifetime Achievement Awards are presented to people living in OMNI’s 18 long-term care homes who have demonstrated commitment to other residents, their home and country.

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