Pleasant Meadow Manor donates excess wheelchair, walker

Items that can’t be used at long-term care home are on a ship to Africa

When a family asked if Pleasant Meadow Manor could make use of their loved one’s wheelchair and walker, health-care aide Heather Sherry had a brainwave.

The family’s loved one, who had been a resident at the Campbellford long-term care home, had passed away recently, and the family was interested in passing along his wheelchair and walker.

Sherry was aware that the home likely wouldn’t be able to utilize the items, but she figured someone somewhere probably could.

She contacted some family friends who are involved with a ministry that distributes good-quality, second-hand items such as wheelchairs and walkers to people in countries where these items are often much less accessible.

She learned a shipping container was to leave that same week for Africa, packed with these kinds of items.

“Monday I took the wheelchair and walker to (the ministry). Wednesday (the items) were being taken to St. Jacob’s and loaded into a huge container. And Friday the ship was leaving for Africa,” Sherry says.

“It’s just nice to see these items being used again, if they’re good quality and in good shape,” she adds, noting the items had to be collapsible.

While Pleasant Meadow Manor hasn’t made this kind of donation before, Sherry hopes to see it happen again. She also would like to see other OMNI Health Care homes consider doing the same with their excess, good-quality items such as wheelchairs and walkers.

“It’s encouraging to see this kind of ‘paying it forward’ happen, enabling somebody else to use something that is no longer needed here,” she says.

To learn more, contact Sherry at Pleasant Meadow Manor: (705) 639-5308.

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