Pictures and pub nights highlight Riverview Father’s Day festivities

For Mother’s Day, The OMNIway reported how the Riverview Manor life enrichment team took photos of the ladies living at the Peterborough long-term care home to send family members and make collages for the dining rooms. For Father’s Day, the Riverview Manor dads had their turn.

A week before Father’s Day (June 20), Riverview Manor life enrichment aide (LEA) Adam Wicklum was busy taking photos of all the men living at the home. Each gentleman had two photos – a “cool” shot of them wearing sunglasses and a fedora, and regular portraits without props.

On Friday evening, some of the residents from the south-side neighbourhood helped Adam cut out the photos and put them up on a poster board for a collage.

After all the photos were taken, LEA Taylor Ioannou e-mailed them to each resident’s power of attorney as a keepsake.

Later on Friday night, photo collages went up in both the south- and north-side dining rooms.

On Father’s Day, a large front-lawn sign that said “Happy Father’s Day” was visible to residents from the dining rooms.

Life enrichment team members were busy organizing outdoor family visits for Father’s Day on Sunday, so no activities were planned.

However, on Monday and Tuesday, the dads got to enjoy special pub nights to celebrate them, with Adam working with Taylor and LEA Brigitte Byette to serve the gentlemen.

Residents enjoyed beer or pop as well as three kinds of potato chips while listening to music from the ’50s and ’60s.

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