Physiotherapy increases independence for Frost resident who set goal to walk

Resident Ala Kruszynska and Achieve Health physiotherapy assistant Debbie Ellison are seen here spending time together. Ala has been successful in FrostManor’s physiotherapy program.

Ala Kruszynska was recently able to walk, with the assistance of physio team, to her son’s car for shopping trip

When Frost Manor resident Ala Kruszynska was recently invited on a shopping trip with her son, she was able to walk to his car with the help of the Lindsay long-term care home’s physiotherapy team.

This marked a significant improvement for Ala, says Achieva Health physiotherapy assistant Debbie Ellison.

Since moving into Frost Manor, Ala has required a wheelchair for mobility. But after she started participating in the home’s physiotherapy program, Ala came up with a goal for herself: to walk again.

“She is very determined, and I am working with her two to three times a week,” Debbie tells The OMNIway.

“I am really impressed with Ala and that she is working so hard. … She (now) stands at the rail and can do some balancing exercises. I also have her in her wheelchair, and we put weights around her ankle and she lifts her legs in reps of 15.”

When long-term care residents improve their mobility, it not only benefits them physically, it also increases their quality of life emotionally, Debbie says.

“I think it makes them feel proud, and it gives them more freedom and their independence,” she says.

Physiotherapy programs at Frost Manor are created to meet the needs of individual residents by Achieva Health physiotherapist Charu Patel. Debbie then leads residents in the exercise program Charu develops.

Keeping long-term-care home residents active through physiotherapy programs helps reduce the risk of falls and enhances quality of life in other ways, Debbie says.

“(Physiotherapy) is really important; we want everyone to stay with strong muscles,” she says. “When people are able to stand and walk, all the organs work better and everything works better, so our goal is to keep the muscles strong and all of the organs working well.”

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