A perfect day for poutine at Streamway Villa

Local chip truck pays a visit to the home to deliver the classic snack of fried, gravy and cheese curd

It was a perfect day for poutine.

On the afternoon of Sept. 23, a chip truck from Personal Touch Catering pulled up to Streamway Villa in Cobourg to serve up the famous Canadian staple of fresh-cut fries, gravy and cheese curd to residents, their family members and staff.

Under a sunny sky with a gentle, cool breeze, residents gathered in the home’s courtyard amidst the flowers and plants to enjoy their mid-afternoon snack and enjoy the day with each other and their loved ones.

Although it can be a gamble setting up events like this during the autumn when the weather fluctuates, life enrichment co-ordinator Laurie Kracht and the other organizers lucked out by picking a pleasant day that was sandwiched between two days of rainy weather.

Personal Touch Catering is based in nearby Bailieboro and the company’s chip truck can often be seen down by the waterfront in Cobourg. Seeing the truck in the area prompted Laurie to contact the company and arrange a visit to Streamway Villa.

She approached residents about the idea and they were on board, offering to fund the visit through the council’s Memorial Fund.

“We haven’t been able to go anywhere, and I wanted to do something to also include the staff,” Laurie tells The OMNIway.

“I spoke with the residents’ council, and the residents’ council gave the OK to us to splurge on them, so that’s what we did.”

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