People and communities among top OMNI strengths


Operating long-term care homes is more than a business

PETERBOROUGH – Dedication to its people and communities is among OMNI Health Care’s greatest strengths, and this attribute will be built upon in 2015, says Patrick McCarthy.

McCarthy, OMNI’s president and CEO, notes that 2015 will see the organization build upon staff members’ existing strengths through educational programming. An example of this is an online learning management tool created by Surge Learning Inc.

The system provides easy-to-access educational tools for staff members to continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge. The education offered includes courses mandated by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care as well as those provided by OMNI and Surge Learning.

“Education will be available online so we can ensure that the information and the tools get out to our staff and homes to help enable the provision of care to our residents,” McCarthy explains.

A long-standing source of pride for OMNI is the fact the majority of its 18 long-term care homes are in small, rural communities.

McCarthy notes that homes have many relationships with the people and organizations within their communities, such as hospitals and other health-care resources. As the health-care system continues to evolve and change, those relationships are “a real strength for us,” he adds.

“(Community relationships) are developed home by home with other agencies (and) with other parts of the community in which we live and work, so we’ve got that great strength of knowing all the communities in which we operate.”

The personal and community strengths are important because for OMNI, operating long-term care homes is more than a business, McCarthy says.

“We operate homes in which your father lives, or you live, and we operate homes in which staff members work every day,” he says. “(Staff members often) spend more time with the residents than with their family, and that becomes such a compelling story, so our ability as an organization is really dependent upon the abilities of the people who make up the organization,” he says.

“We recognize that strength and we are listening to that strength.”

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