Pastoral care worker prays for Rosebridge Manor residents, staff

Rosebridge Manor

Volunteer pauses in car in home’s parking lot nightly

Every night, Diane Lockett leaves the small village of Eastons Corners and drives over to Rosebridge Manor.

She pulls into the long-term care home’s parking lot, sits in her car and says a prayer for residents and staff members of the rural home in Jasper.

Residents and staff have noticed Diane outside of the home and Kathy Barr, Rosebridge Manor life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC), recently learned it’s a regular habit for Diane, who is a Roman Catholic pastoral care volunteer at the 78-bed home.

“I thought it was touching,” Kathy tells The OMNIway.

“She comes every night and says a prayer outside of the home and the residents see her out there in her car and they know what she’s doing.”

“She wants us to stay healthy and is trying everything in her (power). I thought it was so thoughtful of her that she cared enough to do that.”

The extra prayers come at a welcome time as things are a little bit quieter for residents these days since group activities and visitors are on hold.

Rosebridge Manor, like all of OMNI Health Care’s long-term care homes, is closed to most visitors as a safety precaution due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re just trying to keep residents’ spirits up as much as possible until we get to a point where we can start having activities and outside volunteers back in the home again,” Kathy says.

In the meantime, Rosebridge Manor is offering residents increased one-to-one time, attention and activities. Read more about that initiative in an upcoming story in The OMNIway.

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