‘One of the most successful’ Streamway Villa Christmas bazaars also had a positive impact on the local community

The event raised $1,298 for the home’s residents’ council, and Streamway also found a way to give back to the people of Cobourg

Streamway Villa held its annual Christmas bazaar in mid-November, and while the event was “one of the most successful” Christmas bazaars life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Christina Doughty has seen at the Cobourg long-term care home in terms of fundraising, it also helped make a positive impact in the local community, she says.

Given that the holiday season gets extremely busy at Streamway Villa, the home decided to host its Christmas bazaar a little early this year.

Christina started advertising for the Nov. 16 event at the end of September, putting notices in local newspapers and on social media asking for donations.

On the day of the bazaar, tables were overflowing with baked goods that were sold to help support the home’s residents’ council.

“Not only did the community come together, but the staff members and the family members also came together – I have never seen so many baked goods in my life,” Christina tells The OMNIway.

In fact, there was so much baking leftover from the bazaar that team members filled a trolley with items and went to the Cobourg Santa Claus Parade the next day to sell even more.

“This was so well received – we made an additional $65 after the parade was done,” Christina says.

In total, $1,298 was raised for the Streamway Villa residents’ council.

As a token of goodwill to a community that has been kind to Streamway Villa, team members started handing out baked goods for free, a gesture that also went over well with the crowd.

“People were thanking us and still trying to donate money for Streamway; it was just such a fun-filled day that got us rolling into the Christmas season,” Christina says.

“This was one of the best Christmas bazaars I have seen in my nine years here, and a big thanks to all the staff, family members and the community.”

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