Education programs encourage personal as well as career development

OMNI Education

OMNI’s vision is to demonstrate what is possible with Knowledge, Love, Support and Understanding.

With Knowledge we provide the skills and training to better assess, manage and deliver personal care. For our vision to find expression in the fullest sense, we must always nurture that spirit of knowledge and understanding.

OMNI is committed to investing in the development of Knowledge through education programs and bursaries that are made available to all staff members.

Each year, the OMNI education program builds upon core education programs by offering education and training opportunities based upon needs identified through the strategic planning process and direct feedback from our staff.

A key component of core education programs is Scope of Practice training focused on enhancing front line caregiver skills. Scope of Practice training has provided Registered and non-Registered staff specific training in nursing techniques, IV and respiratory therapies, continence and advanced skin and wound care. Our goal where possible is to ensure our residents can be cared for in their home and not transferred to an acute care setting for more complex care requirements.

Supportive Measures Training

In order to support OMNI’s truly individualized approach to care, and help each resident live to their full potential, Supportive Measures training has been implemented for every single employee of OMNI and is offered to all new staff to ensure consistency and continuity in individualized care techniques….