Together we offer vital support to our fellow staff members in time of personal crisis

The Hope Fund

The Hope Fund is a program that provides financial assistance to employees during times of crisis. Such crises may include a severe illness, having to suddenly care for an immediate family member, a car accident or a natural disaster. By making a small contribution of 50 cents per pay period though a payroll deduction we can turn around the most challenging of situations from despair to hope, from a feeling of isolation to a sense of togetherness. Whatever we contribute, OMNI will match it.

Additional fundraising events are held periodically to supplement the HOPE Fund. All contributions to the HOPE fund are held in trust. In a time of crisis, applications to access the HOPE fund are submitted by each home’s Hope Fund representative who in turn, forwards it on to  OMNI’s Home Office Hope Fund Chair. The Hope Fund Chair sends the request to the ‘Operating Committee’ who review the request and make a funding decision based on the circumstances. There is a maximum disbursement of $500 per request. All applications are held in confidence. This is yet another way OMNI cares for its family.

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