To be a part of the OMNI family is to help improve the lives of everyone we interact with, to welcome responsibility and to meet our obligations head on. That is expected of any hero. But even more, it’s important to uphold essential principles that remind us of what should be foremost in our minds. That’s why we are always encouraged to help others to experience Hope, Purpose and Belonging. These ideals are the essence of the OMNIway, and together they connect us, inspire us and guide us. More importantly, while these goals help us to see clearly and act positively, their greatest influence is on those who matter most: our residents.
What we do matters. From the smallest courtesy to spontaneous acts of comforting, to the more formidable tasks that occupy our days, we make every day more livable and enjoyable for our residents. These small rays of light and words of encouragement that we’re capable of giving make an incredible difference in their lives. It is not the size of the deed that distinguishes us; rather, it is in our readiness to act unselfishly in the moment, without hesitation, that best captures who we are. It is in those moments that we glimpse the qualities of compassion and professionalism.

We encourage our staff to embrace their potential with an enthusiasm that inspires others to do more and be more.

We offer great challenges and personal fulfillment for those who are ready to use their hearts and minds to achieve what others only dream possible. Are you ready?

OMNI welcomes direct applications from individuals seeking employment but does not recognize Recruitment Agencies or services.