OMNI team members create videos showcasing their homes’ strengths

A major highlight at this year’s Quality Forum was a series of videos created by OMNI homes that highlighted many points of quality.

The videos, which were driven by managers and front-line staff, also harnessed core value of creativity. The videos were screened at OMNI’s Quality Forum

ORILLIA, Ont. – A new feature at OMNI Health Care’s 2018 Quality Forum was the screening of a series of videos produced by team members to showcase the strengths the organization’s long-term care homes have, their commitment to quality and the things residents like best about living in OMNI homes.

Rosebridge Manor team members created their own version of one of TV personality Rick Mercer’s “rants” for their video submission at the Quality Forum.

The videos harnessed OMNI’s core value of creativity and helped team members continue their quality focus while providing forum attendees with insight into what people at their sister homes are doing. The videos were screened during sessions of the Quality Forum, which was held at Fern Resort Sept. 26-28.

“One of the unique things (at this year’s forum) was the involvement of the homes in the (OMNI core value of) creativity, and the videos demonstrated that,” says OMNI president and CEO Patrick McCarthy. “They did it all themselves, had all their own creative ideas, worked it out, and they all had a theme of focus that tied it all together.”

After each video was screened, forum attendees rated team members’ creativity and quality focus on a scale from 1 to 5. During the awards night on Sept. 27, the Top 3 videos with the highest ratings were announced:

1. The Wildwood Care Centre team took the No. 1 spot for its rendition of the KISS song I Was Made For Lovin’ You. Team members from the St. Marys, Ont. home wore KISS makeup and costumes and sang the song they wrote, entitled We Were Made to Care for You, in their video.

2. The Rosebridge Manor team took second place for its parody of one of Rick Mercer’s rants from the CBC program This Hour has 22 Minutes. The Rosebridge team’s “rant” focused on the benefits of a career in the long-term care sector.

3. Third-place honours went to Garden Terrace team members for their video which focused on how every staff member in every department of the Ottawa-area long-term care home is an Everyday Hero.

Everything OMNI does is about quality, and the videos reflected this, says OMNI chief operating officer Shawn Riel.

“Those videos were our residents, they were our staff, a lot of it wasn’t managers, and that was the thing that really brought it back for us because we can’t ever forget that they are the core of our business,” she says.

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