OMNI recognized by Sysco for being an early adopter of state-of-the-art menu program

Operations manager of nutrition and food service Chris Weber, pictured second from left, accepts a Pioneer Award during Sysco’s 20th-anniversary gala.

Synergy on Demand program has been an important tool in helping enhance quality meal services

OMNI Health Care was recently recognized by Sysco Canada with a Pioneer Award for being an early adopter of the Synergy on Demand menu program, which has been an important tool in helping OMNI ensure high-quality meal service in its long-term care homes.

Sysco, OMNI’s primary food-service provider, introduced Synergy, a menu software program developed by SureQuest Systems, 20 years ago. The award was presented by Wendy Neuman, Sysco’s vice-president of health care sales and marketing, at Synergy’s 20th-anniversary gala in November.

“We were among the first … customers of the Synergy program 20 years ago, and (Synergy on Demand) has really grown nationally and has come a long way,” says Chris Weber, OMNI’s operations manager of nutrition and food service.

“We really feel it’s the best menu system available. It helps us plan meals effectively at a high quality and we have the support from a great team that is very involved and helpful with our menu program; they have been a huge support to our menu program over the years. They support us in all kinds of ways and are essential to our menu delivery.”

The Synergy on Demand program has been effective in helping OMNI create safe mealtimes for residents, too, Weber says. The program helps manage diet textures, fluid thicknesses and information tracking for residents who have swallowing difficulties, Weber notes.

“There is an element of risk involved (at mealtimes), and having an organized, comprehensive system like Synergy on Demand helps us manage and minimize risk,” he says.

Sysco also has a team of menu analysts, registered dietitians, culinary experts and chefs that contribute to the success of Synergy on Demand, Weber says. Working with Sysco and SureQuest, Weber adds, is not a typical customer-supplier relationship; it’s a team approach, and “they go above and beyond,” he adds.

“We are always working with Sysco or with SureQuest, and they help guide us and provide us with the support that we need,” Weber says.

“From a quality standpoint, they are very receptive to input, so the system is constantly evolving and adapting to new needs and challenges we have in long-term care.”

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