OMNI receives four-year accreditation

Accreditation Canada surveyors note that all 18 homes met 100 per cent of the required organizational practices, improvements made from last accreditation in 2014

OMNI Health Care has received a four-year accreditation from Accreditation Canada.

Surveyors visited the organization’s 18 long-term care homes in March. A major highlight the surveyors noted in their reports was that each of the homes met 100 per cent of the required organizational practices, the first time OMNI has scored such a high grade in this area.

There were also some major improvements from OMNI’s last accreditation in 2014, including improved code drill practices, improved medication management, and improved infection prevention and control practices, all of which show the homes’ dedication to enhancing quality across the board, says OMNI’s chief operating officer Shawn Riel.

Riel also credits the homes for doing an excellent job preparing for their surveys and for demonstrating the high-quality care they provide residents.

“We had very good surveyors who were open and fair, and I think the homes did a lot of great prep work, and we worked together to get that,” Riel says.

“I do think that the care provided in our homes is exemplary, and it is about standards, and I think that is what showed in our survey.”

Moving forward, OMNI plans to work on growing its culture from a medical model to a more social model of care.

One way of accomplishing this is by encouraging resident and family member involvement when it comes to hiring and creating policies and procedures, Riel says.

“We are working on enhancing culture for a person-centred care focus and ensuring residents, with their families, that quality of living is perceived through the eyes of the residents themselves,” Riel says.

Some homes, such as Country Terrace and Wildwood Care Centre, already actively involve residents in the interview process when hiring staff members, and this is something OMNI would like to see more of, Riel notes, adding resident and family engagement has garnered positive results.

“Often, you wouldn’t believe what (residents and family members) can bring forward,” she says. “It’s making sure they’re really involved in the quality, the meetings and understanding what quality is all about.”

This is the fourth time OMNI has received accreditation. Three-year accreditation was granted to the organization and its homes in 2008 and 2011, and a four-year accreditation was granted 2014. Prior to 2008, all OMNI homes received accreditation individually.

The purpose of accreditation for long-term care providers is to increase transparency and demonstrate that national standards of excellence have been met or exceeded.

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