OMNI is ‘Takin’ Care of Business’ in 2017

OMNI Health Care’s theme for 2017 is Takin’ Care of Business.

OMNI is in the people business. We’re people caring for people, so the concept of taking care of business is not just about the numbers, it’s not about any single aspect of the organization, it’s about taking care of all aspects of the organization that supports the concept of people taking care of people.

To accomplish this goal in 2017, OMNI has created a strategic plan with four key elements. The first is quality. Creating quality experiences for residents living in OMNI’s 18 long-term care homes is the top priority.

In 2016, OMNI worked hard to build capacity to enhance quality in its homes. A major result of this focus was the implementation of quality teams in each home. Quality indicators, such as restraint reduction, falls prevention and continence care, are being carefully monitored and interventions are put in place to enhance residents’ quality of life.

Now that we have the capacity, the next step in OMNI’s quality journey is to make quality improvement more built-in and intuitive for people working in OMNI’s homes. While data is important, the focus will always be on the goal of improving each resident’s long-term care experience.

This brings us to another element of OMNI’s 2017 strategic plan: innovation. There are many opportunities to enhance quality experiences for residents, so learning new and creative ways to develop outcome-focused interventions will be crucial.

“That’s part of taking care of business, too, as is identifying areas using our social conscience to find better ways, such as our diabetes protocol, where we can work hard on something that actually benefits the whole sector, not just ourselves.” says OMNI president and CEO Patrick McCarthy.

Taking care of business also means focusing on the organization’s Respect Always program. Respect Always is OMNI’s code of conduct and a guiding value of what the organization is about that’s measured through how people conduct themselves.

OMNI will continue to work towards strengthening relationships between staff members and all stakeholders – residents, families, suppliers and unions – in 2017. Working together with all stakeholders is at the heart of creating solutions that benefit everyone.

Enhancing resources is the fourth point of this year’s strategic plan and another important part of taking care of business. Helping families when they bring loved ones to an OMNI long-term care home in every way possible will continue to be a huge component of OMNI’s culture.

This means providing people with information to help them apply for subsidies, which will in turn helps the administrative and budgetary aspects of the organization, which leads to enhanced care and a better working environment for staff.

“By making sure that we do this in a constrained funding environment, we really support the other activities of our business, which is taking care of people” McCarthy says. “It really all ties together.”

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