OMNI focusing on taking successes to the next level in 2016


Processes for enhancing resident experience, ‘embedding’ quality improvement will highlight year, says Patrick McCarthy

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – OMNI Health Care president and CEO Patrick McCarthy says the organization and its 18 long-term care homes will largely focus 2016 on enhancing successes garnered in 2015.

A key success for the organization in 2015 was enhancing residents’ experience in the homes, and OMNI will be rolling out programs in 2016 to further that success, McCarthy says.

For instance, the organization plans to roll out an electronic questionnaire to get feedback from residents and families. The questionnaire is currently in its test phase and is positioned to be rolled out in coming weeks, McCarthy says.

The questionnaire is in a one-to-one format that will include diagnostic responses related to resident and family satisfaction. This format will help homes have a better view of the resident and family experience and help teams see the areas they need to focus on to enhance that experience.

“That’s exciting, and it has been a long time coming,” McCarthy says of the questionnaire.

In a video interview in early January, McCarthy characterized 2016 as the “Year of the Embeddedness.” This stems from the idea that team members from all levels of the organization need to be embedded with the questions of “how do we do better? How do we make it happen for the resident? How do we improve the resident experience?” McCarthy says.

As an organization, OMNI has invested a lot of time into developing processes to enhance quality indicators in each home. As a result, homes have been focusing on areas where they need improvement and developing plans to ensure those improvements happen.

Moving forward, McCarthy says staff members need to look at the indicators and ask themselves how they can improve quality in any area – even if it’s not their area of focus.

“Once people start to think in that process it becomes embedded into your day-to-day thinking,” he says.

This, McCarthy says, can result in more satisfaction for team members because they can more clearly see the result of their work.

“As soon as you see the result, there is more satisfaction, so it’s a happier journey for everybody,” he says. “It’s a happier journey for the resident outcome (and) it’s a happier journey for the people that are involved in achieving it, too.”

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