Oktoberfest was ‘wunderbar’ at Riverview Manor

Life enrichment team creates a 16-day event centred on German culture and Germany’s famous beer festival

Riverview Manor residents were treated to a 16-day Oktoberfest celebration that featured pub nights, engaging educational programs about Germany and a variety of games.

Since Oktoberfest is first and foremost a beer festival, the main attractions during the Peterborough long-term care home’s Oktoberfest celebration were pub nights held for both the north and south side neighbourhoods.

The north-side Oktoberfest pub night was Sept. 21 and was led by life enrichment aides (LEAs) Adam Wicklum and Trevor Davis. The south-side event was Sept. 29, with Adam and two other LEAs, Brigitte Byette and Rosemary Roseborough, hosting festivities.

The pub nights featured German snacks that included warm apple strudel, pretzel chips, hot apple cider with cinnamon and, of course, beer.

To create an authentic Oktoberfest experience for residents, lighting was dimmed and old polka records were played during the pub nights.

The life enrichment team decorated the activity room and south-side dining room with blue and white. The colours have significance, Adam explains.

“These colours signify the true spirit of any festival – namely harmony and peace, and (the colours) represent the German state of Bavaria (where Oktoberfest originated), its flag and coat-of-arms of the Wittelsbach family that ruled Bavaria for centuries,” he tells The OMNIway.

Adam printed out centrepieces with matching beer coasters as well as fold-ups of German men wearing lederhosen and women wearing dirndl dresses.

There were also white and blue napkins, balloons and plates, and there were coloured Oktoberfest photos around the rooms.

Before the pub nights, Adam and a friend made Alpine hats residents and staff members wore during the Riverview Manor Oktoberfest.

At the end of both pub nights, the Chicken Dance was played from Spotify, and the LEAs danced along.

During Oktoberfest, Adam provided residents with a virtual trip to Germany when he showed them a YouTube video of the 10 best places to visit in the country.

Adam visited Germany with his family in 2013 and had a lot of souvenirs and photos to show residents.

“Residents were very engaged in seeing the models of the many castles I visited and the cuckoo clock from Black Forest,” he says.

Other programs the life enrichment team created for residents included an Oktoberfest photo match-up memory game, a spin the Oktoberfest photo beanbag toss, crosswords, word games, a word search, and Oktoberfest and Germany trivia.

Adam says residents enjoyed the Oktoberfest event, which ran from Sept. 18 to Oct. 21.

“Residents had fun learning about German culture and a special pub night,” he says.

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