Norwood long-term care home residents ‘all scream for ice cream’

Pleasant Meadow Manor life enrichment co-ordinator Kim Williams pauses with an ice cream cart she decorated recently.

Pleasant Meadow Manor LEC decorates treat cart, makes rounds

As the temperatures rise, Pleasant Meadow Manor is helping residents keep their cool with cold treats and beverages.

The Norwood long-term care home’s life enrichment department is making rounds with a cart stocked with ice cream and/or Popsicles and other summer favourites. Instead of using the drab, grey cart on hand as is, life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Kim Williams had an idea to add some flair.

She decorated the cart recently with poster board and pictures of ice cream and Popsicles to make it more appealing and fun for residents. She may even play the ice cream jingle through Spotify on an iPad and project the tune through a Bluetooth speaker – an idea from a former colleague at Frost Manor in Lindsay.

“They will be able to hear us coming down the hall,” Kim says.

She has a sign on the cart that states “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. I’m just going to add some glitter to it and then it will be perfect. Instead of having it on an ugly grey cart, I thought, why not make it colourful,” the LEC notes.

“When I was working on it, one of the residents said ‘it’s very eye-catching.’ That’s what I meant it to be.”

There’s a serious side in addition to the fun aspect of the ice cream cart. It’s particularly important during the hot weather to keep residents hydrated properly, Kim says. The cart will offer various treats on different days from ice cream and sundaes to Popsicles and lemonade. When it’s really hot, it will be a daily or every-other-day affair.

For now, the life enrichment team will make the rounds about once a week in the afternoon at the home.

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