Newspaper publishes Springdale resident’s ‘dream list’ of Peterborough fastball players

Springdale Country Manor resident Fred McCormick poses with a printout from the Feb. 4 edition of the Peterborough Examiner featuring the “dream list” of local fastball players he created.

After the Peterborough City Men’s Fastball League recently folded, Fred McCormick wanted to pay tribute to the players he remembered best

Springdale Country Manor resident Fred McCormick is a lifelong baseball fan, and he was a big-time supporter of the Peterborough City Men’s Fastball League, which folded at the end of January after 98 years.

With the league gone, Fred got to thinking about some of the games he’d seen at the George (Red) Sullivan East City Bowl as well as the players he had known and watched play over the years.

He put together a fantasy team of some of the most memorable players from the league posted at each position.

With the encouragement of Springdale Country Manor life enrichment co-ordinator Sonia Murney, Fred submitted his “dream list” to the Peterborough Examiner, which published it in the newspaper’s Feb. 4 edition.

To make the list as complete as possible, Fred even included memorable umpires, fans, a water boy and a scorekeeper.

Fred recalls how the bleachers at the East City Bowl used to be packed during league games and how his mother would sometimes drop him off at the stadium so he could watch.

“I used to love to read about the teams in the paper or go over to the games,” Fred says.

Here is the list that Fred sent to the Examiner:

First Base: Al Beaith, Paul Young.

Second Base: James Gifford, Flurry Driscoll.

Shortstop: Neil Thompson, Howie Dalton.

Third Base: Gene Gifford, Don Melanson.

Left Field: Steve Murray, Joe Sullivan.

Centre Field: Mike McGee, Bob Danby.

Right Field: Pat Murray, Bill Gordanier.

Catcher: Red Wasson, Mickey Redmond, Larry Wade, Greg Marchen.

Pitchers: Ray Judd, Clair Leahy.

Substitutes/Designated hitter: Brian Condon, Jimmy Coughlin, Gary Holbrook, Jim Bell, Grant Jackson, Bill Hartwick, Bert Bailey, Gerry Young, Dan Hickey, Jim (Sleepy) Dawe, Brian Fitzgerald, Wayne Wells, Dave Ruthowsky.

Coaches: Billy Scollard, Laverne Moore, Roger Minnie, Mick Connelly, Red Sullivan.

Sponsors: Robert Young Construction, Georgie’s Freshments.

Umpires: Mark O’Donoghue, Mike Girard.

Water Boy: Art (Jubilee) Juby.

Scorekeeper: Doug Delaney.

Best fans: Jack and Winnie Delaney.