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Here are the latest news stories from OMNI Health Care’s 18 long-term care homes across southern Ontario.

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Pyjama Day draws residents and staff into spirit of fun and laughter

When it’s the midst of a Canadian winter and the weather is miserable people can use a little fun in their lives, so, with this idea in mind, Pleasant Meadow Manor hosted Pyjama Day on Feb. 10.
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Helping families understand LTC’s role in palliative care is paramount

A long-term care resident’s health fails and the person is transferred to hospital. Doctors and nurses do what they can to prolong the person’s life, but sometimes there’s no chance of recovery.
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Technology helps Pleasant Meadow resident attend Mexican wedding

Gerry Farrow’s family remembered hearing how Pleasant Meadow Manor staff helped another resident, Marion Jerome, watch a family wedding via webcam in 2014.
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Lifting ban on assisted suicide will impact LTC: administrator

A landmark ruling by Canada’s Supreme Court lifting the ban on assisted suicide for terminally-ill people could have profound impact on the long-term care sector, says Maureen King, Springdale Country Manor’s administrator.
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(VIDEO) ‘We’re all there, at the end of the day, for the resident’

Managers and front-line staff members working in OMNI Health Care’s 18 long-term care homes have different roles, “but we’re all there, at the end of the day, for the resident, to make it a better place to live,” says Patrick McCarthy.
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Dialogue with families an important part of palliative care

A long-term care resident is at the end-of-life stage. There is nothing more that can be done that will prolong their life or heal them. But the resident’s family still wants their loved one sent to hospital for more tests.
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No one-size-fits-all approach to palliative care in LTC

Having a loved one at the end-of-life stage can be a challenging experience. Sometimes the person’s family members insist on the home’s staff doing everything possible to prolong the person’s life, however, this can raise ethical questions in long-term care homes.
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Program preparing students to work with seniors

Baycrest Health Sciences and Toronto’s Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences have partnered to provide students enrolled in Michener’s health-care programs with the skills to meet the unique challenges of geriatric care.
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OMNI homes show their support for Alzheimer's awareness

January was Alzheimer Awareness Month, and OMNI Health Care homes showed their support by raising awareness of this neurodegenerative disease as well as raised money to support the Alzheimer Society of Canada.