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Here are the latest news stories from OMNI Health Care’s 18 long-term care homes across southern Ontario.

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Corporate policy a must once assisted suicide legislation becomes effective: CCC

Kimberley Noftle says the Supreme Court of Canada’s recent decision to lift the ban on assisted suicide will almost certainly impact the long-term care sector at some point, and when it does, she’s confident OMNI Health Care will have a policy in effect to address the landmark legislation.
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‘Crazy hat day’ continues Pleasant Meadow’s mission to end winter blues

“Crazy hat day” is the latest instalment in Pleasant Meadow Manor’s ongoing program to fend off the winter blues at the Norwood long-term care home.
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Rosebridge Manor working to create program that uses residents’ recipes

A recent OMNIway story about a unique program adopted by Country Terrace’s nutritional-care department has received the exact response the home’s dietary manager Alex Achillini was hoping to see.
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LEA brings unique skill to Riverview Manor

Life enrichment aide (LEA) Trevor Davis brings a unique skill set to Riverview Manor.
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Riverview ladies get treated to an in-home beauty salon

The activity room in Riverview Manor’s north wing was turned into a beauty salon Feb. 20 when students from Fleming College’s recreation and leisure services program hosted “Ladies Primp and Pamper Day.”
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When married people with dementia begin new relationships

It’s a common occurrence. A person with dementia moves into a long-term care home, while their spouse, who may have cared for them for years, remains at home. But once in their new environment, the long-term care resident forgets they are married – and begins a relationship with another resident.

Family tensions can raise ethical concerns in LTC homes

One of the ethical issues caregivers working in long-term care are sometimes faced with is what to do when family arguments involving residents occur inside the home.
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Country Terrace puts a new twist on dining program

Country Terrace has created a successful dining program its staff members hope other long-term homes can replicate for their residents.
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Riverview Manor toasts couples for Valentine’s Day

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. - Riverview Manor hosted its annual Valentine’s Day luncheon on Feb. 13 with one of the largest turnouts in the event’s history.