New Village Green LEC says Quality Forum was a valuable introduction to OMNI’s people, culture

Village Green team members are pictured here at the OMNI Health Care Quality Forum at Fern Resort. From left to right, Tammy Newton, Maddy Hudgins and Miranda Ray. Standing, Linda Pierce.

‘The whole forum surprised me because I really didn’t know what to expect; it has been a new experience but all great things,’ says Maddy Hudgins

ORILLIA, Ont. – Maddy Hudgins says her first time attending OMNI Health Care’s annual Quality Forum was especially valuable because she got to meet other life enrichment co-ordinators (LECs) and managers from across the organization and learn more about OMNI’s culture.

Maddy became Village Green’s LEC is late March. Karen Coulter, who had been Village Green’s LEC for 11 years, passed away March 14 after a short illness. Maddy knows she has some big shoes to fill, but she says the Quality Forum was a source of new ideas and excellent networking opportunities.

Most of all, she says attending the forum was important because she got to meet many people she’d only heard about or exchanged e-mails with.

“Being able to put faces to names has been the biggest thing for me because being new and fresh can be a bit overwhelming,” Maddy says.

“It has also been a really great opportunity to meet other people in my position at other homes as well as from home office.”

Maddy says she also enjoyed the Quality Forum’s presenters, who included author and motivational speaker Rosita Hall and psychologist Dr. Bill Howatt. She says she also enjoyed the Amazing Quest for Quality Care, an outdoor activity hosted at each forum, as well as the social aspect of the event.

“It has been great,” she says of the forum, “it has been a ton of fun.”

This year’s Quality Forum also featured videos the homes produced that included interviews with extraordinary residents. Village Green produced a video dedicated to Karen, rather than a video about a resident, so Maddy says the residents’ stories were eye-opening.

“It was really nice to see those residents’ stories because I didn’t know what those submissions were going to look like,” she says.

She adds: “The whole forum surprised me because I really didn’t know what to expect; it has been a new experience but all great things.”

The annual Quality Forum brings together managers from across OMNI’s 18 long-term care homes for three days of networking, learning and fun with a focus on providing quality to residents.

The 2019 Quality Forum was held May 7-9 at Fern Resort near Orillia.

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