New Riverview Manor design applauded by administrator, residents, families

Bird’s-eye view of proposed development for the new Riverview Manor by G architects.

Stakeholders say more space and the elimination of three- and four-bed rooms will reduce agitation and improve residents’ quality of life

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – Riverview Manor residents, their families and staff members recently had their first glimpse of the design for the new Riverview Manor which will open on Langton St. in Peterborough’s north end by December 2022 — and they liked what they saw.

OMNI Health Care and G architects, the Toronto-based firm designing the new Riverview Manor, unveiled conceptual images and the architectural plan for the 160-bed, three-storey home at an information session at Riverview on Dec. 12.

The new Riverview Manor will have 36 more beds than the current home houses. There will also be wider hallways, more home-like dining and lounge spaces, and privacy for residents will be improved by having only one- and two-bed rooms. The new home will surround a spacious courtyard, complete with a walking loop paved with an “elder-friendly surface,” patio seating and a sandbox for visiting children to enjoy.

Riverview Manor administrator Mary Anne Greco says the new home will be exciting “on so many levels.” One immediate benefit the administrator says she believes the new home will deliver is reduced responsive behaviours from residents with cognitive impairment.

Responsive behaviours, she notes, are often triggered by space issues. Because the new Riverview Manor will only have rooms with one or two beds, as well as many more open spaces, Mary Anne says she foresees less agitation.

Matt Galvin, a partner at G architects, and OMNI Health Care’s president and CEO, Patrick McCarthy, share the proposed designs for the new Riverview Manor with residents and family members on Dec. 12.

“I just think the whole physical setup is phenomenal; there will be greater space for their living care (and) the elimination of four-bed wards and having private and semi-private rooms will promote residents’ greater health and wellness,” she tells The OMNIway.

“Having this greater space for them (will improve) residents’ quality of life (and) their dignity — you can just see that (responsive behaviours are) going to dissipate.”

Family member Carol Martin agrees.

Carol says she has seen residents become agitated by being in close quarters with others and notes that replacing three- and four-bed rooms with private and semi-private rooms will be a major improvement for Riverview residents.

Carol, a member of the Riverview family council, adds she likes the enclosed courtyard the new building will feature because it will have safety benefits. She says the enclosed courtyard will be a perfect location for the yard sales Riverview hosts.

Having yard sales at the front of the home can cause confusion for those who don’t know every resident, Carol adds.

“(During) yard sales, it’s really hard to know … who’s coming off the street with a walker and who (lives) here,” she says.

Riverview Manor residents’ council president Dona Choate says the courtyard is her favourite feature of the new design.

“I like the idea of the privacy area with the sandbox,” she says. “That area I found most attractive because residents can go out there and enjoy the sunlight.”

Construction on the new Riverview Manor is expected to start in the fall.

Take a virtual tour:

Click here to explore the proposed courtyard.
Click here to explore the entrance view with canopy.
Click here to virtually approach the entrance.

Click here to watch the video of the presentation.

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