New programs to enhance residents’ quality of life on the horizon at Woodland

Woodland Villa

A new singing program and an innovative activity using touch-screen technology are among the additions

Woodland Villa life enrichment co-ordinator Lisa Doran says she and her team at the Long Sault, Ont. long-term care home are looking forward to trying some innovative new programs designed to enhance the quality of life of residents living with cognitive impairment.

One program, the Pathways Singing Program for Memory Care, is a music-based video series led by a singing host. The videos are accompanied by activity booklets with scores of programming ideas aimed at engaging people with cognitive impairment.

Another innovative tool Woodland Villa will be introducing to residents is the ABBY, an interactive electronic board with touch-screen technology designed to trigger fond memories for people with cognitive impairment.

The ABBY provides people with familiar experiences, such as petting a cat or turning a steering wheel, which can bring back memories and provide stimulation.

“It’s a new year so we’re trying to figure out a whole new group of programming,” Lisa says.

Woodland Villa will also be looking at bringing in “memory kits” to help create meaningful activities for residents living with dementia and their visiting loved ones.

Lisa notes that Woodland Villa has recently had an increase of residents moving into the home who are more active, so there will be new activities, including a walking club and reading group, which will be offered to these residents.

“We are trying to change things up,” the LEC says.

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