New Pleasant Meadow Manor LEC enjoys mentoring others

Pleasant Meadow Manor life enrichment co-ordinator Kim Williams pauses with an ice cream cart she decorated recently.

‘I think I’m fitting in quite well,’ Kim Williams says

When Kim Williams recently had a chance to mentor her peers, it ignited within her a desire to become a manager.

The OMNI Health Care employee brought that goal to fruition earlier this spring when she joined Pleasant Meadow Manor in Norwood.

Kim left her position as a life enrichment aide (LEA) at Frost Manor in Lindsay for the role of life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) at Pleasant Meadow Manor. It’s going well, she says.

“I enjoy the staff, I enjoy the environment and I enjoy the residents — I’m making friends with the residents here like I did at Frost,” Kim says.

“I do miss (the) Frost residents and the Frost staff, but I think I’m fitting in quite well at Pleasant Meadow.”

The LEC was at Frost Manor for about two years. She moved to Pleasant Meadow Manor shortly before the global COVID-19 pandemic was declared in mid-March.

With long-term care homes embracing safety measures such as visitor restrictions and the cancellation of group activities, she has been focusing on an increase in individualized support for the residents.

“Programming completely changed,” Kim says. “We’ve done social distancing and we have two seatings for meals.

“We’re doing a lot of one-on-one and phone calls with families. We’re doing the video calls as well and the residents enjoy that.”

To keep residents’ spirits up, one of her recent projects involved turning a plain grey cart on wheels into a mobile ice cream bar. Click here to read more about the initiative, which is also aimed at keeping residents cool and hydrated.

For Mother’s Day, she was able to offer live entertainment for residents by having a musician entertain on the patio while residents watched and listened from inside the home. She’s planning to do something similar for Father’s Day.

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