New managers share their vision for Riverview Manor’s future

Continued partnerships with post-secondary institutions, they say, will be a top priority

Two new managers at Riverview Manor say they’re excited about helping to create the future of the Peterborough long-term care home which, they say, will be built upon “the great base” that’s already in place.

Administrator Matt Riel and director of care Tammy Colman-Sadd, who started their positions in January, also say building upon the dynamic partnerships Riverview Manor has long held with post-secondary educational institutions will be a major part of that plan.

Matt and Tammy say the partnerships Riverview Manor has with Trent University and Fleming College are key to building the future of the home.

“We have had RN students, we have had RPN students here, we currently have 13 or 14 PSW students doing their hours here, and we have another group that will start in a few weeks, so I think both Tammy and I believe (Riverview Manor) is a place where we can educate the next group of staff that are going to come and work here and grow into the future,” Matt says.

“We want to be a real community partner in providing that education to students.”

For many years, students enrolled in nursing, personal support worker and other programs at Trent and Fleming have done their placements at Riverview Manor. Many of the home’s staff members are also graduates of Trent and Fleming programs.

Looking ahead, Matt and Tammy say they want Riverview Manor to continue collaborating with educational institutions to build a strong foundation of nursing and caregiving in the community.

“We want to be a teaching home and we want people to build their careers based on the foundations of OMNI,” Tammy says.

The managers also say they’re fortunate to be working in a long-term care home that has always been focused on being a valuable community partner, in addition to being a home providing excellent resident care.

“We have been very fortunate to have inherited a home that has solid groundwork already built, and I think we are very fortunate that we can take the new generation of health care and move it forward and bring that to fruition,” Tammy says.

“We can set the groundwork here in building the practices we want, and it’s going to give us the opportunity to set the bar for long-term care.”

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