New ideas, fan-favourite sessions, resident focus, creativity and fun come together at Quality Forum

Managers from OMNI Health Care’s 18 long-term care homes were back at Fern Resort for the first time since 2014 to attend this year’s annual Quality Forum.

Team members from OMNI’s 18 LTC homes return to Fern Resort for three days of learning and teamwork to help advance quality in every aspect of the organization’s culture

ORILLIA, Ont. – OMNI Health Care’s 2018 Quality Forum returned to scenic Fern Resort Sept. 26-28 and married vibrant new ideas with tried and proven favourite sessions to deliver a high-energy event to managers from the organization’s 18 long-term care homes that focused on bringing the best possible service to residents while highlighting the strengths homes already have.

A major highlight of this year’s forum was a series of videos created by OMNI homes that highlighted many points of quality.

An innovative new idea at this year’s event was a series of creative videos produced by OMNI homes that were screened during the forum. The videos focused on several themes, including quality care, why working in an OMNI long-term care home is an excellent career option, and what residents say they enjoy most about living in an OMNI home.

“One of the unique things (at this year’s forum) was the involvement of the homes in the (OMNI core value of) creativity, and the videos demonstrated that,” says OMNI president and CEO Patrick McCarthy. “They did it all themselves, had all their own creative ideas, worked it out, and they all had a theme of focus that tied it all together.”

Everything OMNI does is about quality, and the videos reflected this, adds OMNI chief operating officer Shawn Riel.

“Those videos were our residents, they were our staff, a lot of it wasn’t managers, and that was the thing that really brought it back for us because we can’t ever forget that they are the core of our business,” she says.

The forum also brought back a session introduced at last year’s forum that was a huge success: the Amazing Quest for Quality Care. This event, which was first designed by the Almonte Country Haven team in 2017, is a take on the Amazing Race and is an outdoor interactive exercise where teams compete to perform tasks that align with various points of quality resident care. The Country Terrace team organized this year’s Amazing Quest for Quality Care.

Patrick underscores the value the Amazing Quest for Quality Care delivers to team members.

“It has a theme to it where people have to think about quality issues, but at the same time you’re having fun, you’re racing, you’re working together as teams, and you’re involved in competition,” he says.

A new presenter at this year’s forum was motivational speaker and author Rosita Hall, whose presentation, Unleashing the Capacity to Care: You’ve Got the Power, “set the tone” for the three-day event, Shawn says.

A familiar face returned to the 2018 Quality Forum. Jayne Harvey, a registered nurse, motivational speaker and consultant, is a longtime fan-favourite at the forums. Jayne’s colourful presentation this year centred on maximizing resident care and safety. As always, her ideas, humour and energy captivated everyone’s attention.

Wildwood Care Centre team members are pictured here dressed as 1980s horror film characters during the Quality Forum’s awards night. The team members took first place in a costume-design contest.

The Quality Forum also brought OMNI’s core values of creativity and fun and laughter together at the annual presentation of the Everyday Hero and Inspired Leadership awards in the evening of Day 2. The theme for this year’s awards night was “1980s style”, and everyone dressed up in costumes that included everything from Pac-Man to characters from ’80s horror films to famed fitness instructor Richard Simmons and his loyal followers.

Finally, being back at Fern Resort for the first time since 2014 created a strong sense of “family” among the managers attending this year’s Quality Forum, Shawn notes.

“I heard resoundingly that everyone loved being back here,” she says. “We heard continuously that people loved being here – it just has a sense of us being a part of a family. I really, really did get a sense of real togetherness with our teams this year.”

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