New guideline aims to reduce impact of fractures in Cdn LTC homes


5 strategies outlined to prevent fractures

Osteoporosis Canada has created the first-ever guideline for preventing and treating fractures in Canadian long-term care homes.

Bone fractures in the elderly can have a detrimental impact on quality of life and create strain on the health-care system. The Recommendations for Preventing Fracture in Long-Term Care is aimed at providing long-term-care home staff and other health-care professionals as well as long-term care residents and their families with a framework to mitigate the incidence of fractures.

At the heart of the guideline are five strategies to prevent fractures in long-term care residents: hip protectors; vitamin D and calcium intake; exercise; multifactorial interventions; and medication therapy.

“One-third of older adults who experience hip fractures, and many others who experience different types of fracture, are residents in long-term care homes. Yet, in many cases, these fractures can be prevented,” said Dr. Alexandra Papaioannou, the lead author of the guidelines and a professor of geriatric medicine at McMaster University, in a press release.

“These recommendations fill a much needed gap in the current care of residents of long-term care homes, and will help improve the treatment and care for one of Canada’s most at-risk patient populations.”

Fractures are a serious issue in long-term care homes. According to Osteoporosis Canada the rate of fractures in long-term care homes is two to four times higher than that of people in similar age groups who live at home.

Osteoporosis Canada president and CEO Dr. Famida Jiwa says the guideline is an important step in reducing the impact of fractures in long-term care homes.

“With the release of this guideline, Osteoporosis Canada is leading the way in providing staff and residents of long-term care homes with practical tools and advice to not only prevent fracture, but reduce immobility and pain and improve quality of life.”

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