New Almonte design’s strongest points are more privacy with continued ‘sense of community’: administrator

Matt Galvin of G architects is pictured here presenting Almonte Country Haven’s new design on Jan. 31.

Architects unveil new design to residents, families and staff

Almonte Country Haven residents, families and staff members got a preview on Jan. 31 of what the new Lanark County long-term care home will look like once its redevelopment project is complete in December 2022.

OMNI Health Care and G architects, the Toronto-based firm designing the redevelopment of Almonte Country Haven, unveiled conceptual images of the new design, which will include a two-storey addition to the back of the home and renovations to the existing building.

The renovations will increase Almonte Country Haven’s capacity from 82 beds to 96, and there will be three neighbourhoods made up of 32 beds each. The redeveloped Almonte Country Haven will only have one- and two-bed rooms to improve privacy. There will also be wider hallways, smaller and more homelike dining areas, lounge spaces, and more activity and spa spaces.

Almonte Country Haven administrator Carolyn Della Foresta says this mixture of more privacy with more space will enhance residents’ quality of life.

“The residents are going to have more comfort in their bedrooms (and more) dignity in the dining room with smaller space, (but) they’re not going to lose that sense of community,” she tells The OMNIway.

“This is incredibly exciting,” Carolyn adds. “The plans are so incredibly laid out. They have just thought of everything. It is so wonderful to see what is ahead for our residents and ahead for our staff members.”

Carolyn says there was a large turnout of residents and family members at the presentation. Most encouraging, she says, is that residents asked lots of questions about their new home and were taking a keen interest in the amenities it will offer.

Of note, Carolyn says residents were interested in the physiotherapy area that will be included in the new design. Currently, physiotherapy is done “on the spot” with no reserved area, the administrator says, so having this area is important to residents.

“Our residents also responded well to how beautiful the spa room and walkways were, and all of their questions were answered,” Carolyn says.

Almonte Country Haven is one of four OMNI long-term care homes to receive funding for redevelopment. Pleasant Meadow Manor (in Norwood) has received funding for a redevelopment project to include 35 new beds, and Woodland Villa (in Long Sault) will be awarded 17 beds. Riverview Manor (in Peterborough) has been approved for a new 160-bed long-term care home to be built.

Construction on these projects is slated to begin in the fall and be complete by December 2022.

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