NCM says he’s enjoying taking on new challenges at Frost Manor

Frost Manor nutritional care manager Zach Jarvis is seen here at work in the Lindsay long-term care home.

Zach Jarvis brings food-service experience in restaurant and retirement homes to his position

LINDSAY, Ont. – Zach Jarvis is four months into his position as nutritional care manager (NCM) at Frost Manor, and he says he’s enjoying the challenges his new role presents.

Zach started his position at the Lindsay long-term care home Jan. 2. He says there has been a learning curve, but he’s adapting well to the position.

“It has been complicated as anything new is, but it has been good because I still have my hand in the kitchen, and I also have office work that keeps things fresh, and I don’t have to do the same thing every day,” he tells The OMNIway.

In fact, Zach says the office work is his favourite aspect of his position.

“I really like the office work because it’s something I’ve never really done before, and I am really good with numbers, so payroll and the numbers stuff is really easy to grasp,” he says. “I am also pretty good with computers, so the tech savvy part is letting me shine as well.”

Zach enrolled in the culinary management program at Fleming College in 2011. While at college, Zach took a job at St Veronus Cafe and Tap Room in Peterborough, a job he kept for six years. During this time Zach helped a co-worker with her catering business. He also worked at Two Dishes CookShop, another Peterborough restaurant.

Zach also has experience working at two retirement homes in Peterborough, so he brings a background in working with seniors to the table.

Zach says one of the key strengths he brings to Frost Manor’s nutritional care team is his ability to think outside the box and work with new recipes that others enjoy. He adds that his experience cooking at St Veronus, which serves mainly traditional Belgian food, provided him with the experience to cook with a variety of beers, something he’s tried at Frost Manor.

He recently prepared a cheesecake for dessert at Frost Manor’s volunteer appreciation luncheon which included a caramel sauce infused with a German beer. The result was a big hit with attendees.

“I don’t think a lot of people (make recipes like this) when they’re in this position,” he says.

Zach says he also enjoys preparing the menus for events like the volunteer luncheon.

“I like the challenge, and I like working with others on events (like this).”

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