Naomi Redner’s resident focus, innovation, dedication to others earns her Inspired Leadership Award

Almonte Country Haven

Almonte Country Haven administrator Carolyn Della Foresta says Naomi lives these qualities every day

Every day, life enrichment co-ordinator Naomi Redner lives the qualities that make an excellent leader at Almonte Country Haven, says administrator Carolyn Della Foresta.

Naomi’s resident focus, innovative mind and dedication to her co-workers are among the qualities Carolyn cited in nominating Naomi for the Lanark County long-term care home’s 2017 Inspired Leadership Award.

“With Naomi’s guidance and leadership, (the life enrichment) department makes a tremendous difference and has a positive impact on the residents that live in our home as well as the visitors that often join them for activities,” Carolyn says.

Naomi shows tremendous resident focus, Carolyn says. She individualizes activities for residents and her ability to know each resident’s likes and dislikes is “outstanding,” the administrator adds.

“She will come in with a colouring book she thought (one resident) would like or a fresh-cut flower from her garden for (another resident) because she knew that it was her favourite flower,” Carolyn says.

Naomi is also supported by a talented team in the life enrichment department, Carolyn says, adding that Naomi has a knack for discovering people’s strengths and using those strengths to benefit residents and staff members.

“Naomi takes incredible pride in her work and in our home – our home is beautiful year-round thanks to her incredible efforts to decorate and bring beautiful cheer to everyone,” Carolyn says.

“As soon as the weather allows, Naomi is in our gardens daily, working her magic, all while including different residents – even if it means she simply brings them outside to sit at the garden’s edge where they can direct her and keep her company while reaping the benefits of the outdoors.”

Naomi has also worked hard to build and maintain strong relationships with the local community, Carolyn says. She runs the home’s volunteer program and always ensures people know they are valued and appreciated, she adds.

“Naomi is the first to lend a helping hand and it is a great reassurance to me to know that I can trust her and depend on her and her quiet leadership qualities,” the administrator says.

OMNI Health Care’s Inspired Leader Award is presented to staff members from each of the organization’s 18 long-term care homes. The accolade recognizes people who demonstrate OMNI’s mission, vision and values. Inspired Leaders also possess outstanding leadership skills and are committed to their work.

OMNI announced the 2017 recipients of the Everyday Hero, Inspired Leader and Elisabeth Hinton Memorial awards at the Quality Forum in Calabogie, Ont., in May. Managers from OMNI’s long-term care homes were presented with the names of the award winners. Homes are presenting the awards during their own ceremonies.

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