‘My prayers were answered’

Maplewood resident John Closs enjoys an outing to the home of Rachel Corkery, Maplewood administrator.

Maplewood resident John Closs enjoys an outing to the home of Rachel Corkery, Maplewood administrator.

Wendy Coe finds Maplewood to be blessing for parents

John Closs has Alzheimer disease but is clear about his intentions when it comes to his wife.

Married for 71 years, his move into long-term care had the stipulation that he and June must share the same room.

They were told the waiting list for a home with that arrangement would be two years in Peterborough.

The Closs’ daughter, Wendy Coe, asked her parents if they would consider moving to where she lives, in the town of Brighton.

Her parents and siblings agreed and were accepted into Maplewood within two weeks.

“From my viewpoint, my prayers were answered,” Coe tells The OMNIway. “It was truly meant to be.”

That was two-and-a-half-years ago and Coe couldn’t be happier about the care her parents receive at the OMNI Health Care long-term care home.

“Staff have been so kind and loving and made it a place to call home.”

She says it was a difficult transition at first but the employees reached out to her parents to make it easier. Coe also lives within a five-minute drive from the home and visits almost every day. She takes her mom out shopping and brings her parents her baked goods.

Coe’s mom and dad are private people. “Their door is closed all day long,” she notes.
However, they do enjoy some of the activities Maplewood offers. She says they particularly liked a recent trip to the home of

Maplewood administrator Rachel Corkery, who has a country property and horses. They also enjoy listening to the musical groups that visit the home.

Medically, Coe says her parents are both doing well. Her father, a retired police officer, hasn’t lost his sense of humour, she says, noting, he jokes with the home’s physician. “The staff are so good and treat him so well,” Coe adds.

Her mother was a homemaker who raised three children. She knows mom is happy at Maplewood because she shares stories about the staff and their families “with such pleasure,” Coe says. “This is what keeps mom going.”

Coe has volunteered at Maplewood for more than a decade. Read more in another story.

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