Monthly barbecues draw families, promote connections

‘Everybody is happy and in a good mood’

Bonding over burgers and sausages, residents, staff and family members are making new connections and strengthening existing relationships at Rosebridge Manor.

The Jasper long-term care home is hosting monthly barbecues this summer in its backyard.

Life enrichment co-ordinator Kathy Barr says the barbecues provide a great opportunity for people to gather together for a good time.

“Whenever we can bring families together, it makes for a stronger unit, a stronger home,” Kathy says.

“Everybody is happy and in a good mood. (The latest barbecue) went really, really well. We had a really great turnout.”

About 75 per cent of the residents and the majority of employees participated. Family members joined them.

“It’s a good way to get families to come to the home and for community spirit. There’s also the fact for residents that it’s reminiscent of things they would do when they were at home in the summer. They look forward to the barbecue cooking.”

Residents naturally enjoy having their family members come and spend the afternoon with them. It also gives family members the chance to interact and get to know one another. “You hear a lot of chatter from families,” Kathy says.

“It takes some organizing to pull it together but it’s worth it. Residents look forward to it and that’s the goal – giving residents something to look forward to in their lives.”

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