Marnie Burke’s commitment to Streamway Villa, service to Canada earns her Lifetime Achievement Award

Streamway Villa resident Marnie Burke is seen here with her Lifetime Achievement Award

Staff say Marnie’s story is about ‘Canadian roots, family, love and compassion’

In the five years she has lived at Streamway Villa, Marnie Burke has been an asset to other residents living at the Cobourg long-term care home while keeping active in the community.

It’s for these reasons, coupled with her military service, that Marnie has been awarded Streamway Villa’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Marnie, who is originally from British Columbia, moved east five years ago to live with her son in Oshawa after her husband passed away. She left the province she loved as well as her adult home and friends in Kelowna to be with her son.

When Marnie required long-term care, she and her son came to Cobourg for a tour of Streamway Villa. One of the first people she met was a resident named Alex who, at the time, was the home’s door greeter.

Marnie moved into Streamway Villa shortly after her tour, and she and Alex quickly became close friends. The duo could often be found participating in activities together.

Marnie is also a veteran who served with the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery and was stationed in Victoria, B.C., during the Second World War.

Marnie had been active in the Royal Canadian Legion for many years in B.C., so one day some of Streamway’s personal support workers introduced her to members of the local legion. She was greeted with warm welcomes and had “a wonderful evening dancing and reminiscing,” say Streamway administrator and director of care Kylie Szczebonski and RAI co-ordinator Kerrie Chapple, in nominating Marnie for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Kylie and Kerrie say that Marnie, who is also active in Streamway’s residents’ council, “is a caring and compassionate person who welcomes and makes new residents feel like family.”

She is also active in gardening and baking activities at the home. She also helps residents receiving palliative care, spending time with them saying prayers and providing a soothing voice.

“We nominate Marnie for this award, as her life shares a common story of war, Canadian roots, family, love and compassion,” Kylie and Kerrie write. “Marnie paved the way for many women during a time of war, for us to live a life full of greatness in our communities and our country.”

Lifetime Achievement Awards are presented to people living in OMNI Health Care long-term care homes who have demonstrated commitment to other residents, their home and country.

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