Maplewood uses PA system to spread cheer

Home makes daily announcements, shares jokes

Maplewood is using its PA system to give residents a smile during the global pandemic restrictions that have those who live there isolated in their rooms.

Life enrichment aide Rosanne Blackburn tells The OMNIway employees at the Brighton long-term care home are using the system in creative ways. One announcement involved a serenade.

“I sang over the PA Happy Birthday to a resident while the other staff sang and delivered a birthday cake to her room,” Rosanne says.

Maplewood has also been sharing jokes and other light-hearted words with residents on a daily basis through the PA system. Staff report on the weather, special occasions and announce what activity may be on for the day.

The idea blossomed from an impromptu performance featuring singing and dancing employees moving through the halls with a Bluetooth speaker on a tour past residents’ rooms.

Rosanne recently told The OMNIway it was a pick-me-up for residents.

Staff members sang Bobby McFerrin’s song, “Don’t Worry be Happy,” projecting their voices with the Bluetooth speaker.

It was a hit with residents and has now become a weekly occurrence featuring a different song.

Maplewood is keeping residents in their rooms as a safety precaution during the global pandemic of COVID-19.

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