Maplewood puts hydration on tap


Home purchases bedside thermal water cups with lids

Maplewood is tapped into hydration during Nutrition Month.

The increased focus on hydration was part of the Brighton long-term care home’s Nutrition Month activities.

March was Nutrition Month in Canada.

“It’s really hard to get some elderly people to drink sometimes without taking away from their meal intake,” Tracy Morewood, Maplewood nutritional care manager (NCM), tells The OMNIway.

“We also focused on trying to encourage hydration (during Nutrition Month).”

Maplewood purchased thermal water cups with lids and handles for the residents’ bedsides. This initiative gives residents access to cold water all day at any time.

“We’re going to take them away every day and fill them, put them in the fridge to chill them and bring them back and distribute them so they’ll always have cold water available. We’re hoping because it’s cold and it has a straw in it they will sip at it at the very least.”

Maplewood is also using larger glasses for all of its juices and low-calorie drink options to reduce sugars. Nurses are providing larger glasses of water for medication passes as well.

“Their cups are just a little bit bigger but every little drop helps,” Tracy says. “We’re trying to get (more) in.”

It’s important to do this now, the NCM notes. “We’re going to be heading into summer.” Proper hydration becomes even more of a priority when the temperature rises.

(Note: Maplewood, along with OMNI Health Care’s other 17 long-term care homes, is currently closed to everyone but essential visitors to protect residents and team members during the COVID-19 crisis.)

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