Maplewood Lifetime Achievement recipient Rosie Rollins remembered as an ‘artist’ with a ‘heart of gold’

‘I truly believe that Rosie was the most generous person I knew,’ says administrator

Rosie Rollins was such a talented seamstress and knitter that Maplewood administrator Rachel Corkery says she’s best described as an “artist.”

Rosie would work for hours every day knitting and crocheting slippers, hats and sweaters, all of which she donated to Maplewood’s bazaar and residents’ council fundraiser each year.

It wasn’t just clothing the gifted Maplewood resident made; she also used her needlework skills to create scores of teddy bears and other animals.

“If you could think it, Rosie would make it,” Rachel tells The OMNIway. “She was so talented. She did not need a pattern. She could look at a picture of a certain design and simply know what it would take to make it.”

Rosie passed away earlier in January. Because of her creative talents and dedication to the Brighton long-term care home and its residents, Rosie was named the Brighton long-term care home’s 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Lifetime Achievement awards are presented to people living in OMNI Health Care’s 18 homes who have demonstrated commitment to other residents, their home and country.

Rosie was much more than a talented seamstress and knitter, Rachel says.

“Rosie had a heart of gold,” the administrator says. “I truly believe that Rosie was the most generous person I knew. She would also be thinking of ways she could help others, give to others and give to the home.”

Rachel recalls speaking with a mutual acquaintance of Rosie’s before she moved to Maplewood in 2013. Her friend said Rosie “had the innate ability to make any place she was home.”

Rachel says this was very true of Rosie.

Rosie could often be found helping Maplewood’s environmental services staff with infection control by wiping down and sanitizing high-touch areas of the home, Rachel notes.

“Maplewood was Rosie’s home and she felt an obligation to make it a better place,” she says. “I do not believe she ever missed a residents’ council meeting.”

Rachel adds that Rosie was also a resident who lived OMNI Health Care’s mission of bringing hope, purpose and belonging to health care.

“Rosie achieved that,” Rachel says. “We were all so honoured to have the opportunity to have Rosie share our lives. She will be greatly missed by all.”

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