Maplewood dishes out Nutrition Month with creativity, healthy foods

Maplewood nutritional care manager Tracy Morewood, left, and dietary aide Emily Morewood ran a number of activities in March as part of Nutrition Month at the Brighton long-term care home.

George Brown College culinary student takes a lead

From fruity milkshakes, with the skilful addition of lentils, to avocado toast, Maplewood has been serving up healthy and unique treats for its residents.

Giving favourite foods a new twist is part of the Brighton long-term care home’s participation in Nutrition Month activities.

March is Nutrition Month in Canada.

Maplewood’s nutritional care manager (NCM) Tracy Morewood, along with OMNI Health Care dietitian Lynsey Mossop and George Brown College culinary arts school student Emily Morewood, worked collaboratively on the initiatives at the home.

“Lynsey has been very supportive with our nutrition month activities, giving us recipes and links to nutritional information, she is always working with us to help give our residents the nutrition they need in ways they enjoy,” Tracy tells The OMNIway.

Meanwhile, Emily, who took the lead on the activities, researched residents’ favourite recipes and adapted them to have a healthier flair with more fibre, higher protein or natural sugars.

“She has designed our display board and a lot of our activities,” as well, Tracy notes. There are also cartoons and memes printed off and posted in the hallways and staff room.

“We have been lucky to have Emily employed in our dietary department for the last three years and hopefully for many more.”

In the kitchen, Emily used natural sugar like honey and fruit, incorporating chia seeds and flax seeds and using avocado, lentils and other healthy foods, which can be incorporated without changing the flavours, Tracy says.

Residents also enjoyed dehydrated fruit for snacks and have reached for fresh carrot sticks on occasion.

Maplewood hosted a successful “pajama day” in early March. Staff served breakfast all day and healthy smoothies.

The home also utilized crosswords, word find and other puzzles with a nutritional theme for staff and residents with prizes.

Maplewood is holding a healthy recipe contest and residents are taking part in food preparation.

The life enrichment department was also engaged in the Nutrition Month activities.

Read more in an upcoming OMNIway story.

(Note: Maplewood, along with OMNI Health Care’s other 17 long-term care homes, is currently closed to everyone but essential visitors to protect residents and team members during the COVID-19 crisis.)

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