Maplewood anticipates annual fall apple festival

‘We are a vital part of the community, as the community is to us’

AppleFest typically harvests a good time for residents of Maplewood in Brighton.

The Brighton community’s annual fall apple festival, complete with entertainment, a street fair and a parade, is a popular event for the town and long-term care home alike.

Maplewood is looking forward to this year’s festivities, which run Sept. 26-29.

The route of the AppleFest parade goes past Maplewood’s front doors, which is a highlight of the weekend for residents, says Rachel Corkery, Maplewood’s administrator and life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC).

This year’s parade is Sept. 28.

“We always have an AppleFest parade party,” Rachel tells The OMNIway.

Residents and family members typically gather on the front patio to watch the parade. Most of the parade’s floats will almost come to a standstill in front of the home so onlookers can enjoy them.

“Everyone waves. They make sure residents get a good chance to see the floats,” she says.

“For as long as I’ve been working at Maplewood, and probably before that, the parade has always come up our street.”

When the Brighton long-term care home had access to one of the previous OMNI-provided vans, staff and residents were in the parade.

Participating in AppleFest is an important aspect of building community for Maplewood.

OMNI’s mission, vision and values and the goals of the life enrichment programming are to ensure that staff members establish a sense of community within the home but also within the broader neighbourhood as well.

“We are a vital part of this community, as the community is to us. It’s about making sure those connections still happen and our residents recognize that they’re part of Brighton, they’re not just part of Maplewood. This lives and breathes in our hallways.”

Often, residents of the home are active community members of Brighton before they live at Maplewood.

“These are things they’ve done every September since they’ve lived in Brighton – being part of the AppleFest festivities,” Rachel notes. “It’s just continuing that as well.”

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