Local pharmacy funds backdrop for Village Green Christmas photos

Residents had festive pictures to send their loved ones, thanks to the generosity of Gray’s IDA Drug Store in Napanee

Village Green residents had high-quality, festive photos taken in front of a Christmas backdrop they were able to send to their loved ones during the holiday season, thanks to the generosity of a local business.

Before the holidays, Village Green life enrichment co-ordinator Ulana Orrick reached out to the local community in Greater Napanee on Facebook to ask photographers if they had unwanted backdrops they could donate.

The post received little response until Jason Hager of Gray’s IDA Drug Store saw Ulana’s query and offered to pay for a backdrop for Village Green through the pharmacy’s staff Christmas donation fund.

“(Jason) told us to order one and then bring him the receipt because the residents of Village Green deserve to have a nice, new backdrop, and so that’s what we did,” Ulana tells The OMNIway.

The backdrop – which features a fireplace and mantel adorned with Christmas stockings along with a Christmas tree and presents – was purchased and residents “absolutely loved” having their photos taken, Ulana says, adding the home’s hairdresser helped residents get their hair done on her own time, and staff members helped with makeup.

“We took some amazing Christmas photos for residents to send to their loved ones since they weren’t able to go see them over the holidays,” Ulana says.
“The residents absolutely loved it, they really got into it.”

In short time, residents’ family members were sending e-mails to Village Green to thank team members for taking photos of their loved ones.

“This is the kind of thoughtful and heartwarming care that makes Village Green a wonderful and trusted atmosphere for our loved ones,” wrote one family member.

Wrote another family member: “This picture is priceless, I can’t thank you enough. I’ve been thinking of this guy all day. This Christmas again will not be the same without him due to restrictions on family functions. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this photo and can’t wait to share (it) with the family.”

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PHOTO CAPTION: Village Green resident Phyllis Brown smiles for the camera in front of a decorative backdrop that was donated to the home before Christmas. Village Green took photos of residents in front of the festive backdrop and sent the pictures to their family members in time for the holidays.