‘Lobster fest’ comes to Streamway Villa

Residents jokingly request steak and lobster for lunch – and then staff members prepare it for them

A while back, two Streamway Villa residents jokingly suggested at a residents’ council meeting at the Cobourg long-term care home that the nutritional care team serve steak and lobster tails for lunch. This gave staff members an idea.

On June 23, 15 residents and one family member were served a steak and lobster lunch, complete with beer and an “East Coast punch” to wash it down.

“The residents didn’t think we would do it, so they were pleasantly surprised when we did,” says life enrichment co-ordinator Christina Doughty.

“The residents were on Cloud 9, and a lot of them asked for seconds. … This is definitely going to be something that we’re going to continue to do.”

Nutritional care manager Garth Derry prepared the eight-ounce lobster tails by broiling them with lemon butter and then served them with garlic butter. The ribeye steaks were charbroiled on the home’s new barbecue.

“It was just like you would expect to find in a restaurant, and I don’t even know if you can find lobster tails that big in a restaurant anymore,” Garth chuckles.

Streamway Villa administrator Kylie Szczebonski says what she liked best about the event is that staff members were able to grant residents’ wishes, and that making the meal put smiles on every resident’s face.

Initially, the team wanted lobster bibs for residents to wear to go along with the theme of the event, but the cost of the bibs was prohibitive.

However, prior to the event, Kylie was at the Red Lobster in Peterborough and she explained to the restaurant’s staff that Streamway Villa was hosting a lobster meal for residents. The restaurant graciously donated lobster bibs for residents to use.

“The restaurant staff were so touched by the effort we were putting into (the meal) that they gave us a box of bibs for free, so that really set the tone for the residents,” Kylie says.

“Seeing the residents eating and socializing and having a beer was really an ‘at-home’ environment experience that was really awesome.”

One resident, who has only been living at Streamway Villa three weeks, was so happy about getting to eat steak and lobster for lunch she has kept her lobster bib to show her family, Kylie notes.

“It’s things like that that truly show we do value fun and laughter at Streamway,” Kylie says.

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