Linda Pierce attributes supportive atmosphere to her 28 years of success as Village Green’s administrator

Linda Pierce has been a member of the Village Green team since 1988.

‘It has been an incredible story with an amazing team’

Administrator Linda Pierce, who is celebrating 30 years of serving the residents of Village Green this year, says her journey for the past three decades has been marked by strong support from OMNI Health Care, her colleagues, family and the community.

Linda first joined the Village Green team in September 1988 when she was hired as the Greater Napanee long-term care home’s office manager. In January 1991, OMNI asked her to become Village Green’s administrator. After taking a series of compliance courses, she became the administrator in March of that year.

“I had an incredible amount of support,” Linda says. “The staff were amazing in helping me, the community was amazing in helping me; my former principal actually let me do some of my exams down at the Selby school where I went (to school).”

Linda has been Village Green’s administrator ever since, which, she says, even surprises her.

“I was actually amazed because I wasn’t planning to go that (way) in my career,” she says, adding she’s thankful her husband, Kevin, encouraged her to take on the position, despite her initial apprehension.

“Thirty years later, here I am. It has been an incredible story with an amazing team.”

Linda says she often refers to Village Green as a “big ship” that she is in charge of navigating. But she needs a strong team of staff members to keep the ship on course, and ever since she has been administrator, she has had that strong team of staff members.

“The success here is all about that foundation of people,” Linda says. “They all came together to make you successful, and it helped me because I couldn’t have done it alone.”

Village Green is celebrating 40 years in the community of Selby in 2018. Throughout 2018, The OMNIway will be featuring stories and videos about home’s residents, staff members and volunteers.

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