Lifelong volunteer Pat Hill receives Wildwood Care Centre’s Lifetime Achievement Award

OMNI director of western operations Aimee Merkley (far left) is seen here with Wildwood Care Centre’s 2017 Circle of Radiance award recipients. From left to right, Holly Williams (Inspired Leadership), Pat Hill (Lifetime Achievement) and Chiara Van Galen (Everyday Hero).

Pat has spent years helping others through community programs, schools and her church

Pat Hill has dedicated much of her life to volunteering in her community. She has generously donated her time to a wide variety of community organizations, including Meals on Wheels, schools, a hospital and her church.

For her outstanding volunteer track record, Pat, who lives at Wildwood Care Centre, was presented with the St. Mary’s, Ont., long-term care and retirement home’s 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Pat says her greatest achievement in life was raising two children with her husband. She was always involved with her children during their school years and served on many school committees.

Pat also worked as a teacher for 20 years. She continuously upgraded her education and eventually began working with students with special needs.

And her dedication to her local community has not stopped, Wildwood Care Centre staff members say in their nomination of Pat for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Pat can often be found helping other residents or simply spending time with them.

“Pat is still an active individual,” Wildwood team members say in their nomination. “She enjoys socializing with the other residents and is very kind and patient with some of the residents who need a little more care, and (she) is a good listener for them.”

Pat continues to be active in other aspects of life, the Wildwood team says. She enjoys fitness activities, and she exercises and walks every day. She regularly spends time outside of Wildwood Care Centre with family and friends, staff members add.

Lifetime Achievement awards are presented to people living in OMNI Health Care’s 18 homes who have demonstrated commitment to other residents, their home and country.

Wildwood Care Centre presented the home’s Lifetime Achievement, Everyday Hero and Inspired Leadership awards during its annual anniversary celebration week Sept. 18-22.

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