Life is ‘ducky’ at Springdale Country Manor

Resident Lillian DeBassecourt poses with one of the ducklings staying at Springdale Country Manor perched on her head.

Residents treated to a weeklong stay from two ducklings

SPRINGVILLE, Ont. – Two newly hatched ducklings arrived at Springdale Country Manor ahead of the Easter weekend for a weeklong stay at the Peterborough-area long-term care home where they have been a big hit with residents and staff.

The ducklings, Larry and Bob, are from Woolley Wonderland Farm in Lakehurst. The pair had only hatched a few days before coming to Springdale. Team members from the life enrichment department have been caring for them during their stay.

“The residents just love them; they have been holding them and petting them and they are just loving them,” Springdale life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Sonia Murney tells The OMNIway.

“The residents have been joking around and having a lot of fun with the ducks.”

Larry and Bob also had their first swim last Thursday, when team members set up a small pool for the pair to get their feathers wet. Residents were invited to watch the ducks frolic in the water, which delighted them, Sonia says.

Springdale Country Manor residents often get visits from dogs and cats, so having ducks come to the home is a unique type of pet therapy, the LEC says.

“It brings the farm to the home, and we’re in a country setting, so this is something they like to see,” Sonia says.

Larry and Bob will be going home today.

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