LEA says Village Green’s residents and atmosphere have made for an enjoyable first 6 months

Village Green LEA Chris Jenkins shares a moment with resident Marie Champagne.

LEC Karen Coulter says Chris Jenkins has been an excellent fit for the home

Chris Jenkins says he has enjoyed his first six months working as a life enrichment aide (LEA) at Village Green. He says what has made his experience enjoyable has been the residents and the Greater Napanee long-term care home’s atmosphere.

Chris started working in the life enrichment department in February. Prior to joining the Village Green team Chris was studying behavioural psychology at St. Lawrence College in Kingston.

“I like working here a lot,” Chris tells The OMNIway. “My favourite aspect of this job is that I find it rewarding working with people who (wouldn’t otherwise) get the opportunities for activities and socializing, and I find it rewarding to be in that position.”

Village Green has long prided itself on its cozy surroundings and family-like atmosphere. Chris says these are also aspects of Village Green he appreciates.

“I like the home here – it’s a nice, small home,” he says. “There is a very homely atmosphere here because it’s rural and small.”

Life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Karen Coulter says Chris has been an asset to the team. She cites Chris’s resident focus, personality and compassion as being his top strengths.

“He’s very good with the residents,” Karen says. “He is very kind, patient and respectful, but he is also very resident-focused, and he is very intuitive to the residents’ needs, likes and dislikes.”

Of note, Karen underscores the compassion Chris shows for residents, adding this is an attribute that makes an outstanding team member in a long-term care home.

“He has so much compassion, and he treats each resident with dignity and respect,” she says.

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